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The Sensible Code Company

We make products that turn messy information into valuable data.

We work with economists, statisticians and data managers to help them to improve their business operations using modern data science techniques and machine learning.

Our products:

TableBuilder - Unlock the value - Protect the Data.
It’s a super-fast table builder which protects large confidential datasets by dynamically applying formal disclosure control algorithms. It’s designed to meet privacy and data protection requirements. It allows dynamic access to multivariate queries by external users. It’s perfect for survey and census data. - Accurately convert PDF tables to Excel, there's an API for automation.
It has artificial eyes that "see" columns by their shape. It’s really good at getting data out accurately. You can effortlessly convert PDF to Excel XLSX online and you can download results via your browser. Or if you're a coder, you can automate the process using the PDFTables web API. It’s a fast online SaaS with no queues. We offer a free trial.

DataBaker - Makes gnarly spreadsheet content machine readable.
DataBaker is a Python library that helps you wrangle complex spreadsheets into clean, normalised data tables. DataBaker is built to integrate with Jupyter and Pandas. It allows users to iteratively build up intuitive recipes that describe the structure of a spreadsheet. These recipes translate the spreadsheet into flat tables of data that can be used by Pandas and other data analysis libraries or saved as CSVs. It’s on Github so take a look.

QuickCode (formerly ScraperWiki)
Our original pioneering product - it’s an online Python and R data analysis environment.
It’s perfect for numerically-literate economists, statisticians and data managers who are new to coding.

Member since: May 2013