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Creators of PublishMyData

Swirrl publishes open government data so people and machines can access, use and re-use it. Trusted by government organisations including the UK Department for Communities and Local Government, the Scottish Government, the Office for National Statistics and NHS Digital, we get data out of silos and published as part of the web, not just on the web.

As data publishers, we help you unlock the potential of your data - providing fully hosted software as a service, consultancy and training to make publishing data sustainable. From transparency, to evidence based policy and strategy decisions, data for smoother internal workflows or engaging with your audience, the benefits of publishing data to a 5 star standard are now being realised across government.

Our role is to help your organisation deliver standardised, authoritative, high quality data into people’s hands. Publishing data to the highest standards means that analysts, statisticians and policy makers benefit every time they use it because the data is accessible, trustworthy, interoperable and machine-processable.

Data should be an essential part of our infrastructure: Swirrl is helping to make that a reality. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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