Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government

Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government

The national voice of local government, working with councils to support, promote and improve

The LGA is a politically-led, cross-party membership organisation that works on behalf of councils to ensure local government has a strong, credible voice with national government. 415 authorities are currently members.

We aim to influence and set the political agenda on the issues that matter to councils so they are able to deliver local solutions to national problems.

The LGA provides a range of practical support, on a free of charge and/or subsidised basis, to enable local authorities to exploit the opportunities that this approach to improvement provides.

We actively encourage wider availability of local open data and oversee national projects to encourage better use of data in local government.

Our information sharing data standards are the home of local government semantics used widely in national schemas and we provide free tools to encourage the discovery, validation, linking and aggregation of local government data inventories, schemas and datasets.

We are also noted for our LG Inform (benchmarking service) to encourage oversight of local government context and performance.

Member since: February 2016